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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How To: Clean The Trackball on Your Blackberry (Video: Bold, Tour, Pearl, and Curve)

The other day, the trackball on my Blackberry Bold 9000 stopped working. By not working, basically, the trackball would not scroll down -- which is the most common problem as that is the most frequently used direction. Due to that, there can be some dirt and debris build up that needs to be cleaned out from time to time.

This guide will walk you through a quick tutorial on how you can clean the trackball. If this does not work for you, you can always replace the trackball by purchasing a replacement fairly cheaply from Click here to go directly to a compatible product.

This guide and tutorial is available in both a video and text form. The video is below along with the supporting text on the steps to take and is compatible with the Blackberry series of devices and smartphones that include the Blackberry Bold, Pearl, Tour, and Curve lines.

Before getting started there are 3 things that you need:

1. You Blackberry Device, Blackberry Bold 9000 in my case. (9700 from AT&T, T-Mobile)

2. Isopropyl / rubbing alcohol or lens cleaning solution.

3. A couple of Q-Tips

4. Alternatively a can of air to initially clean or dry the trackball.

Here is the video:

Here are the actual steps to take:

1. Power off your Blackberry.

2. Optional: Spray the trackball and the area surrounding it on your Blackberry to dislodge and clean out any dirt or debris.

2. Prepare the isopropyl alcohol or lens cleaning solutions by pouring a little bit into the cap, just enough to wet the Q-Tip.

3. Lightly dip the Q-Tip into the rubbing alcohol or solution to wet the Q-Tip. Do not soak the Q-Tip as you do not want the alcohol to be dripping off.

4. Take the Q-Tip and roll the trackball several times in all 4 directions, up, down, left, and right. This will ensure that all of the areas of the trackball and contacts are cleaned and any dirt is collected.

5. Swab around the outside of the Trackball to pick up any additional direct or debris that may not have been removed.

6. Either use the can of air, or lightly blow on the Blackberry to dry an excess alcohol from the device.

7. Turn the Blackberry back on. Congratulations, your trackball should work again on your Blackberry device whether it is the Bold, Tour, Pearl, or Curve!

How To: Clean The Trackball on Your Blackberry (Video: Bold, Tour, Pearl, and Curve)