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Saturday, January 02, 2010

How To: Clean The Camera Lens on Your Blackberry (Video: Bold, Storm, Tour, Pearl, Curve, and 8800)

Recently, the Camera on my Blackberry Bold 9000 Smartphone was not taking great pictures any more. There were a little more fuzzy and less clear than previously. Upon inspection of the viewfinder, lens, and CCD sensor on the camera, I noticed it was pretty dirty. I needed to give it a good cleaning in order to take some decent pictures again.

This guide will walk you through a quick tutorial on how you can clean lens / CCD sensor and viewfinder on the Blackberry device.

This guide and tutorial is available in both a video and text form. The video is below along with the supporting text on the steps to take and is compatible with the Blackberry series of devices and smartphones that include the Blackberry Bold, Pearl, Tour, Storm and Curve lines among others.

Before getting started there are 3 things that you need:

1. You Blackberry Device, Blackberry Bold 9000 in my case. (9700 from AT&T, T-Mobile)

2. Can of compressed air, link to Amazon if you need some.

3. Microfiber / lens cleaning cloth, link to Amazon if you need one.

Here is the video:

Here are the actual steps to take:

1. Power off your Blackberry.

2. Spray the viewfind and the lens / CCD senor and the area surrounding it on your Blackberry to dislodge and clean out any dirt or debris from the camera. Hold the can of air 6-8 inches from the Blackberry.

2. Prepare the isopropyl alcohol or lens cleaning solutions by pouring a little bit into the cap, just enough to wet the Q-Tip.

3. Either use lens cleaning solution, or light blow on the camera and viewfinder to create a little moisture.

4. Use the microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe and clean both the camera and the viewfinder of any final debris.

5. Turn the Blackberry back on. Congratulations, your camera should work again and take great pictures on your Blackberry device whether it is the Bold, Tour, Pearl, or Curve!

How To: Clean The Camera Lens on Your Blackberry (Video: Bold, Storm, Tour, Pearl, Curve, and 8800)


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