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Sunday, February 07, 2010

How To Reset Blackberrry Bold 9000 / 9700 Frozen / Locked (Video)

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a video on YouTube that shows how to reset your Blackberry Bold 9000 / 9700. It also works on most of the other Blackberry Models except for the Pearl. They include: Blackberry Bold 9000 9700, Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Tour, Blackbery Curve, Blackberry 8800, and the Blackberry 8700.

The good news is that there is more than one way to reset your Blackberry Bold 9000 / 9700! In fact, there are a total of four different ways. Check the video below for more information...

Here are the 4 different ways that you can reset your Blackberry Bold 9000 / 9700:

1. Hit the ALT + SHIFT / CAPS + DEL keys simultaneously to reset the Blackberry device. You may need to hold the keys for a second for the reset to register.

2. Double hit the ALT + SHIFT/CAPS + DEL keys at the same time. By hitting them both in quick succession, it is a "harder" reset. This is as close as you can come to what is known as a "Battery Pull".

3. Method 3 is as simple as it sounds. A "Battery Pull" is where you remove the battery from the Blackberry Bold 9000 / 9700 for 30 seconds or longer to completely reset the Blackberry. To do so, use the button at the bottom of your Blackberry to remove the back cover and then lift the battery out. Wait 30 seconds and then put the battery back in.

4. The final way you can reset your device is by using a software utility such as QuickPull - Free edition. While QuickPull free does have ads on it, keeping it free -- it notifies you when your Blackberry is low on memory and asks you to reset it. An easy way to reset your Blackberry!

Now you know how to reset your Blackberry 4 different ways!