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Monday, March 22, 2010

AT&T: iPhone 3G Better Than Blackberry Bold 9000?

Just a couple of days, I finally made the switch to an iPhone 3GS 16GB from my old Blackberry Bold 9000 device. When I announced it on my Facebook and Twitter pages, it immediately was a mix of "welcome to freedom" as well as "you're really going to miss the Blackberry" types of messages.

What I'll do over time is post short notes on things that are both better and worse with the iPhone rather than the Blackberry.

Here are the first couple:

1. For some reason, AT&T's 3G service is MUCH more reliable than on the Blackberry Bold 9000. Not sure what actually causes this, but both the connectivity, quality of data, quality of calls and dropped calls have been almost non-existent on my new iPhone. It was so terrible on the Blackberry Bold 9000 that I had to force it back to 2G service on the Edge network.

2. Active-Sync with push emails is an absolute battery killer on the iPhone. I've since turned push email sync off and gone to a 15-minute / one demand pull with dramatically improved batter life....

This is just a short snippet...more to come!