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Thursday, March 25, 2010

iPhone: Email Importance, Sensitivity, and Return Receipts

While some may think that I am not enjoying my new iPhone having been a 10+ year veteran of the RIM Blackberry's services, I must say it is quite the opposite. I am thoroughly enjoying the new device, the new user experience, and the availability of working and non-buggy apps that riddled my Blackberry experience.

Still, that being said there is a ton of room for improvement that I discover on almost a daily basis to fully bridge the gap between some of the key functionalities that people need in order to be fully functional.

The one I identified this morning was a lack of email options when composing or replying to an email. Any of us that use Microsoft Outlook or any other email programs know that there are a couple of settings on which you can tag an email to change some behaviors.

They are:

Sensitivity: The ability to set the sensitivity of an email. Common flags are Confidential, Private, Normal and Personal.

Importance: Enabling you to set the High, Low, or Normal importance of an email. Of course we all know what this one looks like, it is that big red exclamation point next to an email that we sometime see too often from certain people.

Return-Receipts: The ability to either request a receipt (or email confirmation) when your email has either been delivered and/or read by the recipients.

Adding some of these basic features to the email capability would be a great way to continue to improve on the features and functionality of the iPhone email. We can always hope for the iPhone V4 software, right?