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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

iPhone: Notifications for Different Email Accounts

As I continue to explore and learn more about the usage of the iPhone, one big disappointment I have is apparently with the lack of flexibility of notifications on the device.

With my Blackberry device, it was pretty simple...not only could I have 4 different modes of notifications but I could also have different notifications setup for every different type of message, include for each email account.

And that's where a little bit of the rub is. I support multiple email accounts on my mobile / cell phone / smart phone device. Yet, with the iPhone it does not natively support different notifications on a per account type. It does on a very basic notification type (for example SMS text vs. email), but I cannot choose for instance to have my GMAIL account notify me silently with a vibratoin while my Hotmail account chimes each time.

The functionality at least natively appears not to be there...either that or I cannot find it. Of course, I could go through the process of building contacts for each type of email...that would be way too much work however.

Hopefully in the V4 of the iPhone OS this type of fine grain support for different different accounts within a certain messaging type to have different notification types. Please Apple, it's needed!