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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fixed! iPad Disconnects from Sprint Overdrive Wifi Connection

Today I was pretty darn excited to get my Sprint Overdrive Wifi Hub / Router in the mail today. That meant, that finally my iPad could have Internet Connectivity wherever I was at...without needing to have the 3G version. Finally my frustrations with the lack of tethering with AT&T with my iPhone would be finished! Even better? Sprint's 3G/4G speeds have the potential (and for all practical purposes are) much fast that AT&T's anyways.

I plugged it in. Easy.

Set it up. Easy.

Connected my iPad to the Sprint Overdrive. Easy.

Browsed the web. Easy.

But, shortly after setting it up, I noticed that every few minutes that connection between the Overdrive router device and the iPad would drop. And it kept happening...and after a myriad of prompts, the connection would finally be restored.

It was time to troubleshoot.

First I noticed the Overdrive was configured for dual band -- Wireless B and Wireless G. Somewhat of a "no-no" for the iPad based on recent news. So, I set it to the single G band.

That didn't fix the issue.

Next I noted that the encryption was set to WEP 64-bit. Also, not the greatest of ideas with Apple products. The iPod Touch as well as other Apple computers seemingly have trouble with that type of encryption...especially only 64-bit. So, I reconfigured it to WPA Personal and setup security.

Problem was immediately fixed and has been stable ever since.

So, if you're having WiFi problems with your Apple iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone and are using a router like the Sprint Overdrive, changing the security from WEP to WPA can very likely fix your issue.

Good luck!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

My Favorite Thing About The iPhone vs. Blackberry

This is an easy one. If I had to pick o e thing that is so much better than the Blackberry, what would it be?

The answer: Meeting invites on the iPhone always have 100% of the meeting invite content.

You don't understand how big of an item that is...or maybe you do?

Depending on what conferencing solution you use for business, you might have been in a similar situation as me. Here's what I would experience. The Cisco Meeting Place solution that is used where I work always appends the conference call number and ID to the bottom of the meeting invites. What seemed to happen several times a week was someone would have a descriptive (you could read long) agenda or meeting purpose. Then I would of course accept the meeting invite and it would sync to my Blackberry, right?

Of course it would. However, when you would bring up the meeting invite on the Blackberry device, you would learn that there was a character limit to the details of the invite. Which in turn would mean that you could not pull up the actual dial-in information for the meeting leaving you stranded.

This seemed to happen 3-4 times a week for me, which is frustrating...especially when you're traveling and do not have any other options. It has been a problem for the Blackberry for a number of years and whether it was a problem with the device or the Blackberry Enterprise Server, it never got fixed.

The fact that the iPhone with ActiveSync actually has the entire appointment is not necessarily novel, but is a major advantage over the Blackberry.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

IPad charging via USB or FireWire?

Well, this is my second post directly from my iPad.

And with it, a short post continuing to explore other ways to recharge your iPad Rather than using the 10w wall charger that ships in the box with your iPad. I had previously mentioned my experience with trying to get the iPad to charge on my Mac Mini via USB 2.0 connection, in which it simply did not charge.

Subsequent posts on the Interenet (like this one: say it actually charges, just really slow. Still, my Apple Genius at the Apple Store warned me very specifically when I purchased my iPad...don't use the iPhone 5w wall charger and don't use a USB cable that is not fully powered. Why? Because apparently the lower power and the trickle charging will dramatically reduce the battery life on your iPad. With no known way to fix it, not sure I am ready to test it yet. And the fact that it could either damage you iPad or at least the life of the battery, I do not recommend it for anyone.

Still, an additional option was presented by a reader of this blog...there are some people having succeses using a FireWire cable to not only connect, but also charge the iPad. So, I picked up a FireWire cable for an iPod/iPhone/iPad to test it out. After holding my breath for a moment, I got an unsupported accessory notice on my iPad. Waiting for a couple of minutes, theniPad neither charged nor syncing on my Mac Mini.

Based on that, I am still searching for a way other than the wall charger to charge up the iPad. Any other ideas out there?

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

iPad charging via USB fails on the Mac Mini

I am a big fan of my new Apple iPad 64gb, as I am using it to type this post! Admittedly, at first I was a little bit skeptical if in fact it would be as "magical" as advertised. However, after just 5 minutes with my iPad, I was convinced it is quite the impressive tool it promises to be. More on that later...

Thie one issue that I have run into is that I cannot charge it via USB as has been reported at a number of outlets. Most of them reported however that you could charge your iPad if you had a Mac computer. Which, I do.

Still, I cannot get my iPad to charge vi a USB on my Mac Mini, after trying all of the ports on it. Which, I must say is just a little bit disappointing...still, I am guessing there is a higher powered (USB 3.0 ?) hub that should be able to charge it.

Has anyone else found a solution?

IPad won't charge, iPad doesn't charge via USB, iPad does not charge

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