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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fixed! iPad Disconnects from Sprint Overdrive Wifi Connection

Today I was pretty darn excited to get my Sprint Overdrive Wifi Hub / Router in the mail today. That meant, that finally my iPad could have Internet Connectivity wherever I was at...without needing to have the 3G version. Finally my frustrations with the lack of tethering with AT&T with my iPhone would be finished! Even better? Sprint's 3G/4G speeds have the potential (and for all practical purposes are) much fast that AT&T's anyways.

I plugged it in. Easy.

Set it up. Easy.

Connected my iPad to the Sprint Overdrive. Easy.

Browsed the web. Easy.

But, shortly after setting it up, I noticed that every few minutes that connection between the Overdrive router device and the iPad would drop. And it kept happening...and after a myriad of prompts, the connection would finally be restored.

It was time to troubleshoot.

First I noticed the Overdrive was configured for dual band -- Wireless B and Wireless G. Somewhat of a "no-no" for the iPad based on recent news. So, I set it to the single G band.

That didn't fix the issue.

Next I noted that the encryption was set to WEP 64-bit. Also, not the greatest of ideas with Apple products. The iPod Touch as well as other Apple computers seemingly have trouble with that type of encryption...especially only 64-bit. So, I reconfigured it to WPA Personal and setup security.

Problem was immediately fixed and has been stable ever since.

So, if you're having WiFi problems with your Apple iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone and are using a router like the Sprint Overdrive, changing the security from WEP to WPA can very likely fix your issue.

Good luck!


Hills Local said...

Starting to feel stupid I made change from WEP to WPA ..but now I can't join the overdrive network with iphone ipad or PC? or log onto Sprint
dashboard to reset or make changes.

Ken Hanscom said...

Go ahead and pull the battery out and there is a reset button inside. Push it. The Overdrive will then give you the dialog on the front that will switch it back to the defaults and you should be back in business to try again!

Jack said...

The fix for dropping and not being able to reconnect was to change DHCP HTTP proxy setting to manual. This has been reported by website, and it was the only thing that worked for me.


Ken Hanscom said... sounds like the symptoms you are reporting are different and non-specific to the Sprint Overdrive device. The problem I had was not related to "not being able to reconnect", as I would reconnect the iPad Wifi connection easily when I simply hit cancel on the password dialog. The problem was more with the dropping the WiFi connection rather than not being able to reconnect.

I appreciate the help, but it appears that the information is more in the area of general WiFi problems; where this post is about fixing a more specific problem with the Sprint Overdrive device.


Lee Solt said...

Tried the HTTP proxy fix and it did not work. Will try WAP solution next. Thanks for info.