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Sunday, April 04, 2010

iPad charging via USB fails on the Mac Mini

I am a big fan of my new Apple iPad 64gb, as I am using it to type this post! Admittedly, at first I was a little bit skeptical if in fact it would be as "magical" as advertised. However, after just 5 minutes with my iPad, I was convinced it is quite the impressive tool it promises to be. More on that later...

Thie one issue that I have run into is that I cannot charge it via USB as has been reported at a number of outlets. Most of them reported however that you could charge your iPad if you had a Mac computer. Which, I do.

Still, I cannot get my iPad to charge vi a USB on my Mac Mini, after trying all of the ports on it. Which, I must say is just a little bit disappointing...still, I am guessing there is a higher powered (USB 3.0 ?) hub that should be able to charge it.

Has anyone else found a solution?

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Raju Vusirikala said...

looks like, if you try to charge while in use using USB and it wouldn't work. you need to use the wall charger..