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Monday, April 12, 2010

My Favorite Thing About The iPhone vs. Blackberry

This is an easy one. If I had to pick o e thing that is so much better than the Blackberry, what would it be?

The answer: Meeting invites on the iPhone always have 100% of the meeting invite content.

You don't understand how big of an item that is...or maybe you do?

Depending on what conferencing solution you use for business, you might have been in a similar situation as me. Here's what I would experience. The Cisco Meeting Place solution that is used where I work always appends the conference call number and ID to the bottom of the meeting invites. What seemed to happen several times a week was someone would have a descriptive (you could read long) agenda or meeting purpose. Then I would of course accept the meeting invite and it would sync to my Blackberry, right?

Of course it would. However, when you would bring up the meeting invite on the Blackberry device, you would learn that there was a character limit to the details of the invite. Which in turn would mean that you could not pull up the actual dial-in information for the meeting leaving you stranded.

This seemed to happen 3-4 times a week for me, which is frustrating...especially when you're traveling and do not have any other options. It has been a problem for the Blackberry for a number of years and whether it was a problem with the device or the Blackberry Enterprise Server, it never got fixed.

The fact that the iPhone with ActiveSync actually has the entire appointment is not necessarily novel, but is a major advantage over the Blackberry.