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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bug: Call of Duty - Black Ops - Hue City - Dark Room - Mason - Stuck!

I ran into what is an apparent bug, glitch, or easter egg depending on how you look at it (others, too...see here) in the brand new Call of Duty - Black Ops game and I am posting this quick note to help anyone else who might be encountering it.

What is the bug / defect / problem?

It occurs in one of the Hue City missions in Vietnam where you are playing as Mason. You're progressing through the game and get to the objective of Destroying the ZSU gun as your are trying to get to the landing zone (LZ) to complete your objectives. You're asked to help out and push the door in. A car explodes (blows up) and then the entire screen goes dark (black room) and you cannot see anything other than the next checkpoint indicator. You can move around in the room; but no matter what you do, you cannot get any close than 7.0 or 6.8 (if you jump) meters from the location.

This problem ends up being where you are stuck in the room with no way to exit, see or go forward. Even if you exit the game and restart, you end up at the same place in the game, in a black room with no exits even though you can still hear action, voices, guns, and still fire your weapon.

What appears to cause it?

The problem appears to manifest itself when you go to "help" push in the wall before the car explodes and you hold down the square button rather than tapping it quickly. Once the car explodes you are stuck.

Does this just happen on my console?

This problem is reported to happen on the Playstation 3 (PS3), XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii, and PC version so it does not appear to be limited to one version or hardware related.

How can I get around this?

Thus far, it appears the only way to get past this is to restart the level and make sure you tap rapidly on the square button rather than holding it down. Several users have reported success with this. Update: I was able to get past this bug, by restarting and pushing through the wall by tapping quickly on the square vs. just holding it down.

Is my game defective, can't I just return it?

This appears to be a software bug rather than a defective game. There are reports of people returning their games only to find the exact same thing on the new version from the store. This would mean that only an update from Activision could actually fix.

Is anything else known about the problem?

Not at this time, but with how new Call of Duty Black Ops is...information may develop quickly. I will post updates as other update me or I learn more.

Are you having this problem or did you find another way out? If so, let me know with a comment below!

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TimS said...

Have the same issue... been looking for a fix since day 1. ONLY in beginner mode from what I have seen, not in regular level.

Ken Hanscom said...

I encountered it in "Regular" mode, I had not tried Hardener or Expert yet. I WAS able to get past it by tapping the square button vs. holding.

In addition, there may be a way around it; if you shoot around the room you might "break" a window to which you jump through as that is what happens in regular mode. Still, I have not had the opportunity to test that.

Pierre said...

I've got the same problem on a pc game. Not getting out the dark. Guess waiting for a fix?

Regards Richard

Ken Hanscom said...

Richard, have you tried to reset the level and then tapping quickly instead of holding? That did the trick for me and I was able to move on.

Pierre said...


I am going to try this...let you now if it works.

Bit disappointed while this is the only game ill ever did play on my PC.


Pierre said...


It worked for me fast tapping on the F and I was blown through the door. I am in Honk Kong now I Believe. Thanks and maybe till the next bug.


Anonymous said...

tap the square button before entering dark room, it works

Anonymous said...

Actually found my way around "blind", by feeling on the walls. Was able to plant and detonate the C4, but didn't get far enough away. So it can be done, but I gave up after that. I'll try tapping the Square next time

Anonymous said...

found the same problem just press the X button really fast

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your suggestion...!! it has worked for me....tapping the square button instead of holding it...

Great help!!!

Anonymous said...

same problem occured on my pc. the solution seems to be to hold "F" instead of pressing it in repeat. after i did this i came into the next area without any problems.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fix. I thought I was doing it wrong.

Retired Geezer

Anonymous said...

I'm in the room 3.9 meters away. Also had to jump over something the got attacked by some one.

Anonymous said...

Ill confirm too, restarting this level and tapping the X button instead of holding it got me through this problem, nice find!

db-images said...

Had me foxed for a while too. Frustrating to say the least, but the tapping worked :-))

sina said...

Hi it seems that none of you doesnt have a solution for Pc players,I tried tapping the F button but it still doesnt work.

Anonymous said...

I'm extremely disapointed I have had to revert to a website to overcome this problem, to say that I'm disapointed both with black Op's and it's creators "activision" is an understatement !! I "will" in future, avoid purchasing any activision games and return/trade "Black Ops" at my earliest possible convenience ! Shame on you Activision ! Now to visit their website !!!!

Anonymous said...

On the xbox repeatedly push the x. You will see it is flashing when you get to the wall.

Anonymous said...

Cheers just a bug as you said worked perfectly, now I can get on with the game.
Thanks again foryour help.

Anonymous said...

Any other bugs We should know about in this game? That black room situation really pissed me off. I was running around in circles for like an hour. Oh bless

Anonymous said...

thanks man solved the prblem

Anonymous said...

my first time leaving a comment and looking up help for this. I was trapped for about 30 min, when I finally decided there had to be some trick. Guess I'll restart the level. Thanks for the info!!

Anonymous said...

After weeks of being stuck in this black room on both XBOX and PS3, I've finally got through it. Many thanks.

Kevino said...

Thx for your help !! tapping is the answer.

rahul ranjan said...

Still inside the dark room in the Hue city.Can you suggest me solution while playing on X box 360

Karan Khanna said...

This is really disappointing. I am stuck in the dark room for quite long now. Fed up of trying. Its quite irritating now. I reached 11 mts and have no way to go. I tried from all the possible direction. Does that mean i need to restart it all over again???

Anonymous said...

Worked just fine. Thank you all.

just push the square button (ps3) repeatadly instead of hold when you are opening the door, it will result.

Anonymous said...

The problem occurs on pc even if i tap F like hell. Anybody got a solution?

Nicola said...

On PS3 the continuous tapping solves the problem. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanx! In 2013 this Bug is still unfixed on the PS3. Also me helped tapping the Square Button to get of the darkness ..

marck mikkelsen said...

i found a way to get past it on computer its just click fast 10 times and just b4 ur going through the door stop clicking when it goes dark Spam the buttom like crazy and it shuld work atleast it did with me. if not use youtube and run it blindly?