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Saturday, September 17, 2011

How to get to Maranello, Italy from Florence, Bologna, or other major cities to see the Ferrari Factory and Museum

A few weeks ago on my vacation to Italy, I decided to take a trip to Maranello, Italy to see the Ferrari museum, factory, and test drive a Ferrari F458 Italia on an hour long country drive. Having researched it well beforehand, I was surprised at how difficult information was on how exactly you do go about getting to the town of Maranello, Italy...whether you plan to visit Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagnani, or others. So difficult in fact that it took quite a bit of research and phone call to finally figure out how to do it.

How to get to Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy from Florence, Bologna, or Milan

To make it easy for anyone who plans to visit Maranello, Italy -- I wanted to give a quick guide on the choices you have when planning your trip to Maranello. So, here we go...

The first thing to know is that whether you are coming from Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, or another city in Italy is that you want to get to the Bologna train station first, then connecting to the town of Modeno. From Florence, I found that you could catch a train every 30 minutes or so since Bologna is a stop for just about every train from Rome to Florence or Venice. Depending on the trains you take, the journey can take between an hour and a half to two and a half hours to get all the way to Modena ( from Florence ).

traveling to the Ferrari Factory in Maranello, Italy how to get there

Once you arrive in Bologna, the trains to Modena are generally on the East (OST) tracks, which are set apart from the main tracks. If you have a tight connection, you might need to move quickly.

Then upon arrival in Modena, is when the fun begins. You have two choices of transportation to Maranello which is about 20 minutes away by cab or 30 minutes by bus. Here are how your options look:

1. Taxi -- by far the quickest and most comfortable, but the most expensive. A Taxi from the Modena train station to the heart of Maranello where Ferrari is will cost you $30-40 in euros, but is by far the quickest. Even with a few people in your party, the cost will be 3-4 times the public transportation each way and could also save you up to an hour and a half each way.

2. Public bus. First, take bus number 7 to the main train station...about 3 stops away. The drivers may not speak English and they do not take cash. The ticket will cost you euro $1.20 as of this posting. The machine on the bus does not take bills or give change so be aware. I only had a 2 euro coin, so I donated .80 to the next person to use it. The #7 bus runs every 15 minutes.

Once you arrive at the bus station, go directly to the bus station office across the street. Fortunately, the nice agents I ran into spoke great English and I purchased the continuation fare to Maranello from Modena for euro 2.60. The issue I ran into was that the bus runs only once per hour, on the hour (at the time of this post), so I had 50 minutes to burn before boarding the "80" (Linea 80) bus to Maranello. Once aboard, it should take approximately 30 minutes and you get off at the second Ferrari exit, walk to the corner and turn left to get to the Ferrari Museum and Push Start area.

Tip: If you plan on returning via bus, purchase your return tickets in advance at the bus station as it may be difficult from Maranello.

What did I actually do? On the way to Maranello, Italy -- I took the public bus route to get out to the Ferrari Factory, Museum, etc. On the way back, I took a taxi that I shared with a couple of other folks I met while I was there. The decision for you comes down to time vs. money. In my case, having done the trip now -- I would rather take a Taxi both ways; save at least 1 hour and have more time to spend in the town of Maranello. That'd be my preference knowing you have a limited amount of time to spend and there is so much to see an hear!

Have any questions? Ask in the comments below. Otherwise, good luck and enjoy your trip to Maranello, Italy!


ashwinsmith said...

thanks loads for such useful information.. am planning my visit to italy by june and visiting the ferrari museum is a must...thanks

lovey dovey said...

Thanks a lot for this piece of information. You answered all my questions.